Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Inglot Nail Polishes

Many of you have already heard the buzz & may have tried. Inglot Cosmetics came out with their 'O2M Breathable' line of nail color which was formulated in order to eliminate damage to the nail from nail polishes. Because the polish allows oxygen & water molecules to reach the bare nail, it has become the ultimate go-to nail color line for many Muslim women. The two I picked up were 613 & 635.

Nail Enamel 613
Nail Enamel 635

I notice the color wearing off 2-3 days after with no top coat. This is probably becauce I'm only applying a single coat. But you can always take off & re-apply! It's super easy to apply and dries very quickly. I personally cannot stand slow drying nail polishes. I definitely recommend this a try! It's retailed at $14.00 with stores across the world. 

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  1. The polishes promise a long-lasting glossy finish as well as an in-built base coat and top coat. Salon Pro with Lycra contains a Colour Sculpt gel encapsulated microscopic tube particles (yes, I'm not entirely sure what all that means either!) which gives the polish its really smooth and glossy finish. nail wraps